Check Lists

We are starting a library of common checklists you can use when traveling abroad.

We will be adding to this over time so come back soon!

Just a quick reminder:

-After receiving your eAPIS SenderID from CBP - make sure you confirm your email they send you
-Always remember to call CBP when returning to the United States before you arrive


  • US Customs and Border Protection requires an annual user fee decal.
    You can buy decals online HERE.
    Allow a few weeks for delivery.
    For decal questions, call (317)-298-1245 or send an email to


  • A favorite destination for many the Bahamas are welcoming and easy to get to: Learn More Here


  • Some say the nicest people on Earth live in Canada. You can be the judge: Learn More Here

Just the start

  • This is just the start. Come back soon!